Accepted Papers

  1. Ramesh Nallapati, Christopher Manning, TopicFlow Model: Unsupervised Learning of Topic-specific Influences of Hyperlinked Documents paper5.pdf
  2. Jeon Hyung Kang, Kristina Lerman, Integrating Specialist and Folk Knowledge with Affinity Propagation paper6.pdf
  3. Brendan O'Connor, Jacob Eisenstein, Eric Xing, Noah Smith, Discovering Demographic Language Variation paper7.pdf
  4. Anusua Trivedi, Piyush Rai, Hal Daume, Scott DuVall, Multiview Clustering with Incomplete Views paper12.pdf
  5. Delip Rao, David Yarowsky, Detecting Latent User Properties in Social Media paper13.pdf
  6. Cornelia Caragea, Hyun-Woo Kim, Prasenjit Mitra, John Yen, Classifying Text Messages for Emergency Response paper14.pdf
  7. Vikas Sindhwani, Ankan Saha, Dynamic NMFs and Temporal Regularization for Online Analysis of Streaming Text paper16.pdf
  8. Asli Celikyilmaz, Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Hua He, Greg Kondrak, Denilson Barbosa, The Actor-Topic Model for Extracting Social Networks in Literary Narrative paper20.pdf
  9. Saurabh Kataria, Prasenjit Mitra, Lee Giles, Context Sensitive Topic Models for Author Influence in a Linked Corpus paper22.pdf
  10. Kevin Canini, Bongwon Suh, Peter Pirolli, Finding Credible Sources in Twitter based on Relevance and Social Structure paper9.pdf
  11. Greg Ver Steeg, Aram Galstyan, Ruling out latent homophily in social networks paper19.pdf
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